Filter by Date

Click the Date field to set the date period required. 

  • Today: Shows the current day.
  • Yesterday: Shows the previous day.
  • This Week: Shows the current week [Sunday to Saturday]
  • Last Week: Shows the previous week [Sunday to Saturday]
  • This Month: Shows the current month [First to last day inclusive]
  • Last Month: Shows the previous month [First to last day inclusive]
  • Custom Range: You can select your own start and end dates. [Dates are inclusive]

Filter by Shops

Click the shops field to see a drop-down of all shops available for selection. 

  • Individual shops can be selected.
  • For all shops, tick the Select All option.
  • Shops can be removed from selection by choosing the cross [x] against each in the selection box. 




This will refresh the data in the graphs and key performance figures based on the date and shops field.