Tracking stock just got easier for warehouses

Use case

As a consumer, multi-channel retail makes life easy, doesn’t it? You can buy products in store or online at a time and place that suit you. For warehouse, however, workflows are getting more complicated. Warehouse teams are under pressure to deliver the right amount of stock to the right people – and fast. However, mobile technology and software can help.

K3 Business Technologies has created a K3|imagine based Warehouse Solution for a large international furniture retailer. This Mobile Goods Flow (MGF) solution increases warehouse efficiency and improves stock accuracy.

What is Mobile Goods Flow?

  • A solution that will positively impact the store’s stock integrity and will create an efficient workflow, improving satisfaction among store co-workers and customers
  • A tool based solution that will support the store operations to be more efficient.

Some of the Mobile Goods Flow functionalities:

  • Receiving goods
  • Register internal goods movements
  • Stock count
  • Replenishment
  • Sales space management

Mobile Goods Flow Benefits:

  • Improved stock integrity
  • Increased store efficiency
  • Better co-worker process & system support
  • Higher customer satisfaction
“Mobile Goods Flow is a scanning RTD solution that will control our stock movements and stock integrity. It’s a solution based on advanced mobile devices, designed to support the store operations as well, to be more efficient – especially in logistics and sales, but also in stock recovery and in customer relationships.”

 – Mobile Goods Flow Project Development and Roll-Out Manager

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The Mobile Goods Flow solution was so well received by the furniture retailer, that we have made it available to other customers via the K3|imagine platform.

If you would like to find out more about the app, or need a bespoke inventory management solution, please contact us today.

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