Self-Order: Beer Gardens

Use case

After a long winter, and a strange spring, people will be looking forward to spending warm summer days sitting outside, soaking up the sunshine. To attract these sun seeking, thirsty, and hungry customers, many pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops offer outside seating.

Managing table service outside can be challenging though. You never know how many staff to book and can easily get caught out by surges in footfall when the weather changes.
The pressure on bar staff is high when you’ve got a busy beer garden, and outside table service for drinks & food might not be something many pubs can offer throughout a service.

How can you decrease staff stress levels and increase customer satisfaction at the same time?

Let’s explore how the K3|imagine Self-order solution can help!

The Customer PoV

With the K3|imagine Self-order solution, customers find their preferred table or lounge area, in the sun or under a parasol, sit down and place their order using their smartphone.

The Self-order solution does not require the customers to download an app: They just scan the QR code or tap on the NFC tag attached to their table and the order menu opens.

After browsing through the menu and selecting what they would like, the customer can proceed to submit the order – and pay conveniently by card or mobile pay, using their smartphone. Then they just sit back, relax, and wait for their order to arrive.

The Establishment PoV

The pub’s kitchen receives the customer order through the Kitchen Display (also running on a URL) and processes it accordingly.

The customer can follow their order on an Order Ready Board that indicates the progress of their food or drinks. Some pubs prefer to bring the food and drinks to the table when ready, others choose to have the customers pick up their orders from the counter. Either way, the Self-order app cuts down on time spent taking orders and processing payments by front of house staff.

In summary, the K3|imagine Self-order solution allows pubs to run their beer gardens at fixed costs. It allows them to be flexible, and at the same time, respond to changing customer expectations of smooth, cashless transactions and minimized waiting times.

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