Queue busting musts for the holiday season


The holidays are fast approaching, and shoppers are making lists in anticipation. However, long queue lines can really put a damper on the holiday cheer. A long wait can turn even the most loyal shoppers in a different direction, so considering different queue busting techniques is important during this time of year. Queue busting encompasses all of the ways – both personal and online – that any business can implicate in order to reduce the wait time a shopper will have in the queue. Familiarising a business with the various techniques and implementing them into its holiday preparations will help make the holiday shopping process quick and easy for all involved parties.

Look for the Patterns

Businesses that have been through the holidays before have the potential to look at past data for patterns in shopping traffic. Knowing when the wave of shopping will serge is the key to knowing when the queue lines will need a little extra attention. Try tracking the times and consider adding more staff during peak periods in order to ease the rush. Extra hands working to help shoppers along their way will set a steady pace to the queue that should keep it regulated.

Utilise Mobile POS

Mobile POS is a point of sales option that takes the checkout counter to the customer. Sales associates will have all that they need to handle a transaction on their mobile device. Scanning items, searching stock rooms, and completing purchases can all be accomplished with the push of a button. This option is especially popular for shoppers who only need a few items and otherwise wouldn’t wait in a long line to complete their purchase.

Delegate Specific Positions

Some shoppers need more help than others around the holidays. Instead of a shopper waiting in the queue line to ask a question or for advice, designate team members to be of assistance. Regularly having a few members on the floor reaching out to shoppers can prevent a long queue line clogged with those not yet ready to purchase.

The holidays should be the most wonderful time of the year and preparing a plan to keep down queue lines can ensure for lasting holiday cheer. Consider looking for the patterns, utilising mobile POS, or delegating specific positions to keep the queue lines to a minimum and keep customer satisfaction to a maximum. For more information on the best ways to prepare for holiday shoppers, contact us.


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