Losing customers due to long queues? Look toward self-service


Queues cost Nordic retailers NOK 23.6 billion on an annual basis. Does the solution lie in the self-service revolution that’s taking the world by storm?

Good customer experiences are one of the keys to success, which is the simple explanation behind the self-service revolution we are now seeing in retail trade. The more customers you can serve, the more pleasant the customer experience. Of course, it also translates into more completed sales for the company.

The rewards that result from self-service are great, both for the store and customers, according to Matthew Warr, Head of K3|imagine Technology at K3 Business Technology Group, which develops and supplies the cloud-based self-service platform K3|imagine.

“The long-term costs become significantly lower with such technology. You can have one employee oversee several cash registers at once, and you’ll end up selling more due to considerably fewer people leaving the shop because of queues. At the same time, it leads to a better customer experience, as they get through the shop faster and have a more seamless transaction,” he said.

More power to the customers

The Retail Barometer, which tracks the development of Nordic, European and global trade, shows that long queues cost Nordic retailers NOK 23.6 billion annually. This figure has grown by NOK 8 million since 2018.

Today’s customers are accustomed to fast and efficient transactions, and the trend shows that it’s crucial to keep up with the technological transition to remain competitive.

“It’s about giving more power to customers. Self-service is the most efficient form of service,” said Head of R&D at K3 Gaukur Sigurdsson, who has been involved with the development of the K3|imagine platform. K3|imagine can be integrated into any existing technology infrastructure and is compatible with all operating systems on any hardware and in all browsers.

“The solution gives companies the opportunity to embrace the future while also extending the lifespan of prior investments. There’s no need to replace your current POS system; you can scale up gradually in small steps with limited risk,” Sigurdsson explained.

Efficient in daily operations

An efficient POS system is crucial to daily operations, and a growing number of actors are opting for self-service. With the K3|imagine platform, you can also generate reports to maintain an overview of all transactions, purchase history and activity in different areas, which facilitates more effective strategic planning.

“This solution is not a case of technology for the sake of technology; we have developed K3|imagine because there’s a need for it. Self-service is here now, and it’s the future,” said Sigurdsson.

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