The following recommendations for Imagine are made based on experience and development criteria. We cannot guarantee Imagine will work on any hardware and browser combination, before committing to a device solid User Acceptance Testing should be performed.

Allowed URLs

The following URLs must be granted outbound access through any firewalls or proxies which are setup on the network.




White Listed IP addresses

These are listed as required in the relevant sections. See the links below for more details.

Email Receipt

Port Numbers

The following ports must be opened to allow traffic for certain apps or parts of Imagine to work.

HTTP Port 80

HTTPS Port 443

For integrated card terminals there maybe additional requirements beyond these ports

Supported Browsers

Imagine is designed to work on the following browsers on Windows, Linux and OSX machines.

  • Edge (v83.0 or later)
  • Chrome (v80 or later)
  • Firefox (v61 or later)
  • Safari (v14 or later)
  • Opera (v67 or later)

The same browsers are supported on iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile however some functionality may be restricted. For example, iOS does not allow you to run the apps in full screen in browser. We do not provide minimum version numbers of these for mobile devices.

Although we provide version numbers we support on desktop machines we recommend for security purposes always enabling browser updates automatically and always running the latest version.

Network Capabilities

Generally for devices with a stable Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection K3 Imagine works as any other web page would, with similar rendering and performance capabilities based on the connection. For devices connected to a mobile service, a 3G or equivalent connection is minimal expected, ideally 10 megabit, 4G or better is preferred.


Advice here is given for running of Imagine across all modules. For PoS specific hardware see POS Hardware section

Windows devices with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768

Android devices with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768

iPhone and Android phone/small screen devices are recommended as the minimum for K3 TOP

iPad and Android tablets are recommended as the minimum for Order Ready Board and Order Status Display

A touch screen and/or a keyboard and mouse (with scroll wheel) combination are required.

Barcode Scanners

Both USB and Bluetooth type scanners in the keyboard wedge mode have proven to work successfully with Imagine, but K3 cannot list compatible makes or models, due to the great variances in platform, browser, connection type and driver requirements. The advice for all hardware is to trial it before committing to. Further details about scanners specifically for POS use is given in the POS Hardware section

Label Printers

See the Label Printer section in PoS Hardware for details